At Computer City Repairs, we sell new and used Apple Computers in addition to offering express repairs.

Are you having problems with your Mac computer, and you can’t bring yourself to face the Apple Store? Let your fears be resolved and trust Computer City Repairs with all of your questions. Whether you are dealing with a broken LCD screen, a faulty hard drive, or anything in between, Computer City Repairs will be there to help.

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Computer City Repairs can service iMac, Macbook, Macbook Pro, iPod, iPad, and more!

Apple products harness some of the most cutting edge technology, and Computer City Repairs is proud to offer the knowhow to tackle any problem you might be having. If you need a memory upgrade or data backup or migration, look no further, you’ve come to the right place. Perhaps computers aren’t your strong suit and you just need some guidance. You are in luck, because at Computer City Repairs, our staff is happy to give you tutorials and walk you through any questions you might have.


Located near the Wilshire Corridor, Computer City Repairs is always prepared to provide immediate support.

Feel free to contact us day or night, and you will receive a comprehensive and helpful response. Curious about what is going on in the world of computers? Be sure to Like us on Facebook, and Follow us on Twitter to stay updated. Stay ahead of the twenty-first century curve of technology, and let Computer City Repairs guide the way.


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