mac water repairWater damage is something that most people will have to contend with at some point in their working lives. To devices such as the MacBook Pro, water damage can cause a number of different issues including corrosion, a burned out lcd cable, a damaged keyboard, touchpad or screen.

 With so much technology that is vulnerable to water, especially laptops, it is important to know the essential steps to take in case you are unfortunate enough to get water on one of your devices.


1. Always turn off the device immediately if it was not already off, this is the single most important thing to do. When water gets inside electronics, it can cause them to short circuit and this could damage any number of different components. As long as the device is off then the chance of damage is less likely. It goes without saying that it must also be disconnected from any external power sources and should remain completely switched off for at least 2 days.

2.  Dry off the device as soon as possible with a towel or piece of fabric. It is not advisable to use a hair-dryer or oven as excess heat can damage components in your device.

3. If possible, leave your device in a bowl of rice. If it is a phone or small tablet then fill a freezer bag with rice and leave it in a sealed bag. In the case of a bigger device such as a MacBook Pro, this may not be possible and so it will need to be left to dry on its own at room temperature. The reason for using rice is that it draws and absorbs water away from the interior of electronic devices without doing any damage to the components, speeding up the drying process.


The above advice does not necessarily guarantee that your device will be free of damage once it is restarted. Computer City Repairs offers the full range of services to deal with and fix water damage to laptops and computers. Our team has extensive experience dealing with MacBook Pro water damage repair in particular. In most cases, we can recover your data from the device and repair it to working order. We also specialise in replacing water damaged screens, making it unnecessary to buy a new laptop just because the screen is broken. If you have suffered the misfortune of water damage to your laptop, follow the steps laid out in this post and get in touch with us to see how we can help you get your laptop or macbook up and running again as soon as possible.



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