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Web Design & Marketing

Computer City Repairs has been working with Website Growth since day one to help develop,

market and brand our computer repair company in the city of Los Angeles. We highly

recommended Website Growth for any of your web design and web marketing needs.

Los Angeles web Design

Website Growth is a full-service web design and internet marketing company with over ten years

in the industry.  They’ve helped us grow our online presence and business through their excellent

services and attention to detail. Not only do they help with design aspects from scratch but they’re

also constantly on top of  keeping the site visible effectively by using SEO, social media, reputation

management and great content creation. Having continually helped us with these aspects has

dramatically improved them and given us the opportunity to focus on our services without having

to worry about our website growth. Their range of additional services such as logo creation, email

marketing, and phone app development, are all factors that are relevant points of focus, not only

for ourselves but any small business looking to grow. Our experiences with all the aforementioned

services have been and continue to be top-notch.

It is also worth mentioning that as a locally based LA business, they understand more than most the

needs of a company such as ours in today’s plugged-in world. In addition, this has also allowed for

a great working relationship since they pay a great deal of attention to our needs rather than using a

one-size-fits-all solution.

All in all, we have found Website Growth to be an exceptional website development company.

They are devoted to their clients and that makes a huge difference when it comes to creating

solutions that are concise and consistent, right from initial conception through to the final product.

For anyone serious about getting on top of their website growth, we highly recommend getting in

touch. They can be reached at:  or by calling: (866) 543-5885.