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Our Los Angeles Apple Repair team is always on the lookout for new ways to utilize our Apple devices. Have you ever been out for a night while your iPhone’s battery quickly drained away from extensive use? Have you ever used your iPhone heavily throughout the day, only for it to die when you needed it most? We don’t want this to happen to you again! Here are our tips for conserving and extending your iPhone’s battery.

1. Turn on Low Power Mode

Low Power Mode is a special setting that your iPhone can utilize to extend battery life. When Low Power Mode is turn on, it reduces your iPhone’s overall power consumption, stops fetching your mail, suspends Siri, ends background application refreshing, halts automatic downloads, and ceases some visual effects. To enable this mode, go to your settings application. Then press battery. You should see an option for switching on Low Power Mode.

2. Stop Closing Applications

When you aren’t utilizing an application, it is only logical to close it completely. This is an unexpected source of battery draining. When one closes an app, you take it out of the iPhone’s memory processor. If you were to open the application again, your iPhone would have to load it back into its memory. That constant loading and unloading of memory puts stress on your iPhone’s battery.

3. Turn Down Brightness

Did you know that the pixels in your iPhone rival the amount of pixels in a Macbook? That means that it takes a lot of power to keep your iPhone’s screen on. Excessive brightness on iPhones is said to be the foremost battery killer amongst users. Try lowering your screens brightness using the settings applications. Once there, click the ‘Display and Brightness’ setting and adjust the slider to your choosing.

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