computer virus testThere are lots of different signs that your computer may have been hit by a virus infection, but the list of the most common warning signs and computer symptoms tend to change from year to year. Computers running and uploading at a glacial pace is one sign that you might have accidentally downloaded a virus, but it could also mean that you simply have too many programs running on your startup menu at the same time. Here is a short list of the top 7 signs and symptoms that might mean you have a virus infection and need professional computer repair services.

  1. Odd problems with hardware

If you find that your CD Drive is opening and closing completely on its own or that your attached printer seems to mysteriously turn on and off of its own free will, don’t worry. You are not likely the victim of ghostly encounters. You probably have downloaded some sort of silly virus. If your computer appears to be making unexpected noises as if it is working harder than normal, even though you aren’t using it, this could also mean a virus infection of some kind.

  1. Stalls and Sticks

There you are, typing away, when all of a sudden your mouse stalls, the cursor completely disappears, your keyboard is typing about 15 words behind your fingers, or an icon on your software simply won’t click. Your computer might even freeze up completely, sending you immediately into panic mode, wondering, “Did I remember to save that document?” A single case of a computer lockup might simply mean that you need to cleanup your hard drive. But repeated occurrences likely means that you have fallen victim to a virus infestation.

  1. Slower startups.

Isn’t it simply annoying when you sit down to work, only to be forced to wait for 10 or 15 minutes for your system to reboot and load all of your programs? By this time, you are so frustrated that it can often take even more time to relax back into your normal work routine. Performing a simple viral scan by your antivirus software may resolve the problem temporarily, but most of these over-the-counter products won’t catch everything. You might have been hit by something much worse.

  1. Slower processing

If you are noticing that certain typical functions are taking much longer than they should, you might be a victim of one or more viruses. Pay attention to the time that it takes to save documents, open new programs, or even upload simple websites. Perhaps it takes the computer a second or two before it responds to your request to scroll through a lengthy PDF file. All of these are signs that your computer might be the victim of a potentially devastating virus.

  1. Crashing

If your computer simply turns off without any warning or without expressed prompting from your own fingertips, then this is a big red flag that you may have a potentially destructive virus infection. Even if the computer automatically restarts afterwards, be very careful. Some bugs are designed to crash your computer, install themselves on your hard drive, and restart the device all by themselves. Your system even may run smoothly for a certain amount of time before eventually going all haywire. In this day and age of advanced computer technology and construction, if your system crashes even once, it’s probably a virus infection.

  1. Disappearing files

You might think to yourself, “That’s weird. I thought I typed up that letter yesterday. Now I can’t find it anywhere.” Or some of your bookmarks and desktop icons have magically disappeared. Sometimes certain applications simply don’t work like they should. These are all possible signs of a virus infection. Extra files magically appearing in strange and unexpected places is also another huge red flag.

  1. Unusual messages and alerts

If you begin to receive messages that say, “Your computer may be infected. Click here”, be very, very careful. Many viruses like to disguise themselves as cooperative, little computer elves who are only trying to be helpful. But in reality, this may be an initial virus trying to trick you into downloading even more harmful junk onto your hard drive. If you actually do click on the link, then it will likely send you to some website instructing you to pay money in order to cleanup your computer. What will likely happen instead is that your computer will be filled with more and more viruses, malware, and spyware that will wreak even more havoc on your system. Don’t fall for it. Only use a reputable repair service to rid your computer of nasty viruses once and for all.