Iphone Ipad RepairApple stores are often approached by customers for iPad and IPhone repair in Los Angeles, and they often discover that many of these problems could have been prevented with a few simple security tips.  The iOS 7 is designed to easily secure any Apple device, but many Apple owners are completely unaware. Here are a few tricks to keep you iPad or iPhone safe.

 1.      Use the password lock.


The home screen allows you to set up a unique password that must be entered before the device can be accessed.  You will need to use at least a 4 digit series of letters or numbers.  Longer codes can be used by switching off the “Simple Passcode” option.  Make sure to always hit the “Turn Passcode On” feature.  If this is set up properly, no one can get inside the device without the code, even if your iPad or iPhone is lost or stolen.

2.      Use the “Find My iPhone/iPad” Feature.


The iOS operating system automatically includes a neat, little app called “Find My iPhone/iPad”.  Once activated, the owner can go online and use a standard web browser to locate the device by using your individual Apple ID.  The “Lost Mode” will even send a message to the device with contact information should it be found by someone else.

3.      Backup your data.


In cases where your device is lost or stolen, you shouldn’t be left without your email contacts, phone numbers, address book, calendar, reminders, photos, documents, and bookmarks.  Always backup your iPad or iPhone regularly to your iCloud.  It stores up to 5GB of data for free.  If a simple programming glitch happens to occur at some point in the future, simply download this backup info and avoid expensive services of Apple Repair in Los Angeles.

 4.      Use Safari for safer web browsing.


By launching the Safari submenu under “Setting”, users can manage the security numerous settings of the Safari browser.  There is a “Block Pop Ups” option, a “Do Not Track” options, a “Block Cookies” option, and a method to activate alert messages for “Fraudulent Website Warnings”.

5.      Change the Default Password.


The root password for all iPad and iPhone devices is automatically assigned to be “alpine”, and all cybercriminals already know this.  As soon as you take your new Apple device out of the box, reprogram this password immediately.


Save yourself time, money and frustration.  Follow these 5 simple tips, and you can easily avoid having to seek out a professional for iPad and IPhone repair in Los Angeles.