With the recent release of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the app stores are witnessing record numbers of new downloads as consumers are anxious to fill their new smartphones with the latest trending selections. From apps for social media to apps for travel and photography, here are the Top 10 Apps for 2014.

dropbox-plus-facebook1) Facebook

Still the reigning platform of social media, the Facebook app is actually more streamlined than the traditional desktop version with easier access to newsfeeds, contact information, status updates, and much more.


2) RunKeeper

RunKeeper builds on the success of its previous “pro” and “free” versions, now offering all of its features in one compact free app along with some significant upgrades, such as GPS tracking, pacing details, and online sharing.


3) PhotoSynth

This panoramic camera app is actually offered completely free of charge by none other than Microsoft. It’s fun, easy to use, and extremely flexible. It even works with older smartphones and tablets, too.


4) Dropbox

The world of the cloud is here to stay, and the Dropbox app is almost a no-brainer. This free app allows users to share, view, and download files from home computers, work laptops, and smartphones all with a couple of quick screen taps.


5) LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn has transformed the world of usually boring RSS feeds by offering a stream of attention grabbing headlines complete with eye-grabbing photographs. It’s the perfect free app for followers of only a few RSS feeds.


6) National Rail Enquiries

If you travel by train, then this is the app for you. With everything from train schedules to progress tracking and the handy “next train home” feature, this free app is a must-have.


7) Skype

This free video chat app works on every platform of operating system, even a Mac, making face-to-face interactions extremely simple and user-friendly. It can also be used for “pay and go” calls to anywhere in the world.


8) Twitterrific

With an unlimited timeline, multiple themes, and a number of custom tabs, this elegant Twitter app can be synced using Twitter Marker and iCloud. The IAP, or In App Purchase, allows the user to add push notifications or remove ads, too.


9) Movies by Flixter

This completely free app helps the iPhone user to find nearby movie theatres based upon your current geographical location. Choose specific films, and Flixter will not only give you the nearest theatres but a complete list of the showing times as well.


10) Reuters

There are a great many news apps available for download, but most pale in comparison to Reuters. This free app offers a wide and diverse news coverage that can also be customized towards individual preferences. The easy to use toolbar also offers access to videos, pictures, and even stock market news.


Of course, there are hundreds of interesting apps to download, but these are the top trending “must have’s” for 2015.   Check out the other leading apps, from the iTunes-for-books app, iBooks, to the Adobe Photoshop Express app for cropping, straightening, and sharpening your selfies. This is the perfect time of year to not only purchase a new smartphone but to also upgrade your apps choices at the same time.