The Introduction of iOS 9 came with some great features you should know about.  For example, the update provided the user with longer battery life and caller ID suggestion.  The experts at Computer City Repair present you these special tips on your iPhone you might have never known existed.

iPhone Secrets1. A lowercase keyboard

Switching back and forth between a lower and uppercase keyboard has never been easier now.

  1. Search in settings

Need to quickly access a specific setting? Simply just open the settings app and search whatever you desire.

  1. Proactive search

To access the proactive search simply swipe left and if you wish to use the old search just swipe down. The proactive search is a wonderful new tool that attempts to make your iPhone even easier and smarter to use.   The groundbreaking tool presents your favorite contacts and apps at a readily available interface on the home screen.

  1. Folders in Notes

The most modern features in Notes includes the option to sort different notes into folders.

  1. Contact photos in Messages

Previously only available on the iPhone 6 Plus, all iPhones will finally have access to those tiny contact photo bubbles, creating an even more personal experience with text messaging.

  1. New font

Tired of the same old font?  Apple abandoned using the Helvetica Neue font, the entire keynote now uses the new San Francisco font.

  1. Compatibility with older devices

Luckily for older apple device users, they no longer have to worry about downloading the new iOS 9 and worry about it slowing down their devices.  Apple also allows the user the option to refrain from downloading newer versions.