Remote support

Remote Support

Remote support is the ability to connect to computers from a remote distance. It is accomplished using IT software that allows the support representative to access your computer from essentially any remote location around the world. The technology can be used for a host of benefits that allow the technician to resolve the client’s computer problems without either party having to be physically present.

There is, of course, a tremendous upside to remote support. Statistics demonstrate that 4 out of 5 computer related issues can be resolved using remote support. That means that, for our clients, there is no longer a reason to waste time physically visiting brick-and-mortar locations to resolve your computer issues. With our automated remote support, our clients can enjoy the benefits of our expertise from the comfort of their home.

Utilizing this feature, our clients can save money on various expenses involved in the repair process. There is a major time saving element to consider, as well as the price of transportation, and all other factors involved in physically visiting a brick-and-mortar location. With our remote support Los Angeles service, our clients can avoid all the extraneous variables involved in resolving their computer issues.

Beyond resource saving considerations, remote support has the added benefit of enabling a technician to always be by your side. Whenever you have a computer related issue that needs solving, you need only contact us, and we can instantly access your computer to diagnose and resolve the issue. It’s like having a computer technician that is always there for you, which, for some, is a priceless feature of our services.

A major issue with remote support is the idea of privacy. At Computer City Repairs, we go out of our way to guarantee the utmost privacy for our clients. As such, we have implemented an array of fail-safe features that guarantee client privacy. Our biggest concern is engendering a sense of trust in our clients, so they can feel confident when allowing us remote access to their PC.