Release of the Windows 8 Security Patches

            Windows has just released a patch for the 32 bit and 64 bit windows 8 that includes a variety of fixes, including “critical” fixes that address vulnerabilities within the program that are “critical”. Given that this particular operating system was only released about a month ago, some windows 8 and windows RT users are a bit alarmed by the fact that the newest security bulletin that was released by windows stipulated that there are a total of 6 significant items that are going to be fixed by this specific patch.


Many internet security companies have already revealed that they were able to, essentially, defeat the new Windows 8 security precautions, and that they then were able to create a code that allowed for them to gain access remotely. While Windows chose to decline questions regarding whether or not this most recent patch was created in response to the internet security companies’ reports, many are assuming that their findings had some bearing on the content that is included in the newest patch, especially the fix for internet explorer.


How the vulnerabilities could lead to computer viruses. The main issue regarding the vulnerabilities that are being addressed in this most recent Windows patch is that, if left unchecked, they could lead to a computer virus. For instance, some are speculating that remote execution of codes may occur, which could allow for an attacker to “run arbitrary code” on your computer program. While many tech gurus are commenting that patches that address multiple issues just after a program is releases are perfectly normal, this may be a frightening concept for most computer users, given that we all so often store valuable or personal information on our computers and even typically conduct business matters on your computers via the internet.


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