Our Apple Repair Los Angeles experts organized a list of El Capitan tricks every Mac user should know.

Apple Repair Los AngelesFind that Cursor

Have you ever lost your cursor? Losing your cursor is something that actually happens, especially when working on a crowded desktop or visiting busy websites

To find the cursor you either wiggle a finger on the track pad or shake the mouse so your lost little cursor will get larger and larger.

File Preview

El Capitan lets you view pictures and documents without having to install software. You just double click the file and a preview window should pop out. To go through multiple files more quickly you press spacebar and use the arrow keys to navigate. This trick works with multiple file types that include documents, video, and audio files.

Picture Format Export

Our Apple Repair Los Angeles experts note that El Capitan also lets you convert pictures to different formats.  To convert an image you double click it and when the picture opens in preview, you click File on the menu then Export. A box will appear that lets you choose where the new file will end up. A drop down menu on the bottom will let you choose the file type. Click okay when finished and your new image file should be waiting for you where you saved it.

Apple Repair Los Angeles

Document to PDF

With El Capitan you are now able to save any document as a PDF file. To do this you open the file in the program you use to edit it, and then you hit Command + P to open the print window. You select PDF on the roll down window at the bottom and click print.

Force Quit Programs

When a program hangs right click on its icon in the dock and hold down the option key. The quit command will change to force quit. While still holding down the option key click on force quit to close the hanging program.