Apple Repair Los AngelesGalaxy Note7 Discontinuation and Recall

Samsung has previously recalled its Galaxy Note7 because of the phones’ battery inexplicably catching fire and leaving the phone beyond repair. Samsung issued a recall on all Note7’s sold prior to September 15th. Samsung has scheduled the release of a software update for October 31st that will reduce the phones’ battery capacity to 60%. This update was necessary in order to protect those customers who still owned their Galaxy Note7. This update has since been pushed to European customers. A report said that 33% of European customers have yet to return their Galaxy Note7’s. Samsung hoped that this reduction in battery capacity would be enough to drive the remaining customers into stores to replace the recalled phone.




Samsung Draws Criticism for Note7 Issues

The issues with the Note7 even garnered the attention of the Federal Aviation Administration. They advised passengers to not stow the phones in checked luggage and avoid using them in-flight. The exploding battery of the Samsung Galaxy Note7 has caused numerous cases of property damage and injured customers. There has been a class action lawsuit filed in the state of New Jersey in regards to the Note7 smartphone.


Apple Repair Los Angeles

Samsung has sold about 2.5 million Note7’s worldwide and is offering customers the opportunity to receive a refund or trade in for an S7 or S7 Edge. The Galaxy Note7’s long lasting battery was one of its biggest selling points. It even offered users the option of a wireless fast charger. Users who purchased their Note7 for the battery life will hopefully be forced into Samsung stores to return their recalled Note7’s. Will this negative coverage and the absence of the Note7 in the smartphone marketplace, be what Apple needs to improve sales of its new iPhone 7?


Apple Repair Los Angeles

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