The motherboard is a critical component in any computer, and it goes without saying that when it malfunctions it can cause a myriad of different problems. As almost all other important components are connected to it, knowing what has malfunctioned can be complex. Many people falsely believe that if something goes wrong with the motherboard of their computer, it’s game over, and time to get a completely new system. However, with the help of computer specialists, a motherboard malfunction does not mean that your computer or laptop has reached the end of it’s days. Motherboard repair is just one of the services that the expert team at Computer City Repairs, Los Angeles, can provide.


We have a team of experienced hardware specialists that can take a system that appears to be on it’s last legs and fully repair it to working order. Our team has unparalleled experience in dealing with motherboard related issues and can quickly diagnose and restore a damaged system. Familiarity with the key components that can inhibit the correct functioning of the motherboard such as the DC power jack and fan are the key to an efficient and fast repair. Replacing these individual parts rather than the motherboard itself or even the entire system can potentially save you a huge amount of money. It is also a shame to unnecessarily throw away hardware that is perfectly functional and would operate as if it were new, given the proper attention. Our team can repair motherboards from both Apple and all the major PC brands such as Samsung, Toshiba, Dell, Acer, Compaq and Lenovo to name but a few.


Computer City Repairs is based in West Los Angeles within easy reach of Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and Pacific Palisades. If your computer is having problems, seek the Computer City Repairs team before deciding to throw away your entire system. By repairing your computer, you will both save money and a large amount of time re-configuring your settings. For more information about our motherboard repair service, don’t hesitate to contact us at (310) 730-5227. Or drop by our office to talk directly to us about all your computer repair and maintenance needs at 1433 Westwood Blvd.