The Chrome browser was added to Google extensions in 2008. As a result, Chrome extensions can enhance the user experience when using Gmail.

Chrome is an amazing platform that can be combined with the Gmail platform. Los Angeles computer repairs has compiled a list of great new features that can enhance the Gmail experiencecomputer city repairs

Gmail Offline

This is one of the most crucial extensions that can be added to Gmail. With this extension, users can now access and use their Gmail accounts when the computer is offline. If you don’t have Internet connection, that’s not a problem. With this extension you can fully use Gmail, read emails, respond to emails, and even search emails. The only difference is that you can’t send or receive emails until you are back online.

Checker Plus for Gmail

Checker Plus is an amazing extension for people who have multiple Gmail accounts. It offers rapid access by way of a drop-down menu on the Chrome browser. It also offers desktop notifications and voice command for writing messages. This amazing revolutionary tab page offers a full integration.


This extension can be free for the basic version or you can pay $35 for the premium plan. This feature gives back much of the control that is lost to Gmail. Gmail often make interface changes without the consent of the users. This can bother users to no end. This new feature offers various options, including navigation buttons that are color coded, being able to hide the footer, being able to disable chats, and standardizing of incoming messages to streamline all of the various font choices that people make. Also, it has the very desirable feature of blocking ads.

 Secure Mail by Streak, for Gmail

Secure Mail also called SecureGmail, has attempted to stop message spying or snooping by built in encryption. You can append the passwords to sent messages, and whoever is on the receiving end can’t open it unless they have very specific details, including receiving the password directly from you.


You can use ActiveInbox to make all of the inbox completely actionable. It’s an amazing resource to help you get things done. With it, you can track and prioritize, including turning separate tasks into complete projects.