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The Mac Experience

The biggest difference between Macs and PCs are the operating systems on them. Macs run OS X El Capitan while PCs run Windows 8 and Windows 10. Windows 8 missed the mark due to the fact that it was too touch-based for users. Windows 10 on the other hand was a bit better than Windows 8, but it still has a long way to go in terms of improvement. Now OS X El Capitan is a whole other ballgame. OS X El Capitan is well accepted by its users. Many claim that it is easy to use, neat, sophisticated, and reliable. In contrast, OS X El Capitan exceeds expectations while Windows 10 slightly fell short.

There are ample PCs to choose from

This might not sound like a bad thing, but the saying “less is more” is applicable here. While Apple offers six resolute computers, PCs are somewhere in the hundreds due to the fact that there are many manufacturers on the market.

Level of Security

Many Mac users know that their Macs are less prone to receiving computer attacks or viruses when compared to PCs; this has been proven countless times. For the time being Macs are definitely more secure than PCs, but as technology changes so do hackers. Hackers are becoming better and better at attacking Macs. As of today, Macs are the better choice.

Software Included

Macs come wired with valuable software such as FaceTime, iMovie and many more. PCs on the other hand have many free software packages available online for free while some must be paid for. In conclusion, Macs have far more useful software packages available when you open the box.

Build Quality

Whether you look online or in the store Macs are definitely one of the more expensive laptops on the market.  However, Macs are built to withstand a lot more than PCs. Macs are created with some of the most high quality material and standards when compared to PCs.

Customer Support

Apple on average has longer warranties and has more support than many PCs. When it come to customer support Apple thrashes the majority of the competition.


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