Liquid Damage

liquid damage laptop repair Los Angeles

Has your computer been damaged by liquid? If so, bring your computer to Computer City Repairs for a free liquid damage laptop repair Los Angeles consultation.

What To Do:

If you incident just occurred and your computer is still wet:

Remove the battery immediately and then bring it to in to our store as quick as possible. The quicker you bring it in, the more likely it is that we will be able to resolve fix your problem. Before you bring it in, you may also want to flip the machine upside down and drain as much of the liquid out as possible. Also, try and wipe down the computer as best as possible.

There are several possible outcomes when spilling liquid onto a computer. One possibility is that there is no damage at all. Another possibility is that just the keyboard was damaged. Or perhaps the damage is much more significant. Much of the outcome depends on what kind of liquid was spilled, how much and where on the computer the liquid went.

Liquid Damage Laptop Repair Los Angeles

If the system board is shorted out by liquid damage, the problem may be difficult to fix, however, even in such extreme cases, we have a very high success rate with extremely damaged computes.

You may have found that very few companies attempt to repair system boards damaged by liquid; the work can be very involved and difficult. However, we specialize in liquid damage laptop repair. We have extensive experience in repairing liquid damaged computers.

We may use a number of different methods to repair the system board.

We will remove the board, clean it with several cleaning agents, and then replace any components that are failing. A common problem with liquid damage laptop repairs is that the liquid may seep into various area of the computer, including between the system board and the chips. If this is the case, it may require that we unsolder the chips and clean the surrounding area. Once we have done that, we will resolder the original chips.

Repairs are typically completed within one to two business days.