Is the Apple iPad Mini Worth the Investment

(or Should I just Repair My existing iPad)?


            With the recent release of the new Apple iPad Mini, many apple enthusiasts and current ipad owners are wondering whether or not purchasing one of these brand new gadgets is really worth the investment. So, if you happen to be a current iPad owner (even if your iPad isn’t working any longer), and would like to find out more about the pros and cons of the new Apple iPad Mini, then this is the article for you. Let’s talk about why you should maybe hold off on getting an ipad mini, and why you may want to just stick with your current ipad, at least for the time being.


A bit about the new Apple iPad Mini. The new iPad mini lives up to its name is in, indeed, significantly smaller and more portable than its predecessor. However, this means that the screen display isn’t quite as impressive and you may find it a bit disappointing when trying to browse the web, watch videos or even play games. Though some speculated that the processor may not run as smoothly or have enough power, those fears are unfounded, given that the ipad mini does have a great processor. The new apple ipad mini is also lighter and thinner, which is big plus in terms of convenience. However, some new ipad mini owners are finding that this new and improved apple device is just a bit too big to hold with one hand, which takes away from it’s convenience factor. In the end, the pros for getting an ipad mini may not justify purchasing one of your own, especially if you’ve already invested quite a bit money into getting the full sized ipad in the past. Computer City Repairs is here to help you get your ipad up and running again.


Should I Just Repair My Existing iPad? Though the iPad mini may boast a smaller size and a number of other newer features, if you already have an iPad and are watching your budget (who isn’t these days?), then choosing to have your iPad repaired is a wise choice. Computer City Repairs offers affordable, quick ipad repair services, so that you can make your iPad as good as new in no time at all. Why spend money on a new apple ipad mini if you can simply pay just a fraction of the purchase cost to get your iPad in working order again? Not to mention that you can still play all of your games and watch your movies on the impressive ipad screen, rather than settling for the smaller ipad mini display.


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