iPad Mini-Review

            Well, the ipad mini is finally here, and the reviews for this brand new apple gadget are gradually beginning to surface online. So, we though that we would take this opportunity to highlight the benefits and drawbacks of the ipad mini that are being reported, in order to help you to determine if you would like to make the leap and purchase a mini for yourself, or if you may want to simply have your existing ipad repaired or its screen replaced, if need be.

The Pros and Cons of the new apple ipad mini. The reviews for the new ipad mini are mixed. While some are stating that they love how the mini is thinner, smaller and more lightweight (and the fact that it still has many of the features that are included in its predecessor), others are saying that they simply aren’t that impressed by the lack of screen size in the new device. Part of the appeal of the ipad was that it was still lightweight and small, which was convenient, but that the screen was big enough to play games and watch movies without sacrificing any visual appeal. The same, unfortunately, cannot be said about the ipad mini. Though it may be more portable, yes, the apple ipad mini’s small display area makes it a bit difficult at times to play games, surf the web or watch movies with ease. In addition, the processor may run smoothly, but isn’t quite as powerful as the fourth generation ipad’s processor. Also, the display is non-retina and has a lower resolution as well.

The benefits of getting your ipad repaired. It may be worth your while to just have your ipad repaired or its screen replaced, rather than spending the money on getting a brand new ipad mini. With the original ipad you will still have your larger screen, and its size is still very convenient when compared to laptop or a myriad of other technological devices. So, if you are on a budget and don’t want to even consider handing over the amount of money that they are asking for the mini, then having choosing ipad repair or ipad screen replacement may be your best bet, as well as a wise choice. Computer City Repairs has experience in los angeles ipad repair and ipad screen replacement, and can get your ipad in good working order again quickly and affordably. The new ipad mini is roughly $330 right now, and having your ipad repaired at computer city repairs will cost you just a fraction of that price.

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