How to protect your information from computer hackers


Each day, countless people log on to their computers only to find that their online security has been compromised. This violation of privacy can come in a variety of different forms, from email viruses to remote control of the computer itself via hacking, all of which can result in catastrophic financial and personal data loss. Though many may not think that they are at risk of information hijacking, it happens more often than you be aware of.


Given that Computer City Repairs is not only committed to providing our clients with exceptional computer and laptop repair services, but also to the online safety of your personal data as well, we would like to take this opportunity to let you know about some of the hacking dangers to be on the lookout for. We are going to share some invaluable security tips as well, so that you can be better prepared against computer hacking and information theft.


How to avoid email hacking.  One of the primary ways that hackers and scam artists can achieve access to your information is by hacking into your email. To avoid this you should create strong passwords that are changed frequently (about every 3 months or so), cleaning our your deleted email as well as your junk email folders, and never open emails from senders who you aren’t familiar with. All of these things will help you to protect your email and safeguard your personal information.


Never change important account information via an email link. Hackers may even send you fake emails acting as though they are sites you regularly visit, requesting that you alter your information within important accounts, such as your bank or email account. For instance, they might claim to be from paypal and state that you need to click on a link to change your password. As soon as you change the password from that link, the hackers can have full access to your information. Therefore, you should never change any passwords from links found in emails. Instead, you’ll need to login to you account and change your password directly from your account’s home page.


Hackers using fraudulent identities (primarily posing as Microsoft). Be aware that Microsoft will never call or email you to fix your computer remotely. If you’ve received this message: “WE ARE FROM MICROSOFT AND WE ARE GETTING ERROR MASSAGE FROM YOUR COMPUTER AND WE NEED TO REMOTE ACCESS TO YOUR COMPTUER TO FIX ALL THE ISSUE”, do not provide them with access under any circumstances, as they are most likely hackers who are just looking to steal your information and personal data.


Always have up to date virus software. If your antivirus software is not active, you are not truly secure when going online and your computer is at risk of being hacked. Virus definitions are continually updated and out of date software can lead to information theft, as there may be new viruses that your anti-virus software is unable to detect.


Password protect your computer. Make sure to place a password on your computer itself. Though many people may think this is a bit unnecessary, especially if no one else has access to their computer, this precaution can actually be used to guard against hackers. Most remote access programs can be blocked by a password if there is an attack to your computer. Also, for all of your accounts and computers, choose unique passwords that aren’t easy to guess, as this will make it more difficult for hackers to hijack your information. 


Disconnect from the internet when it is not in use. If you aren’t going to be online, then you should definitely consider disconnecting from the internet, as it lessens your chances of being hacked. Even though you may not actually be online, hackers may still have the ability to access your computer and steal your information.


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