quantum computing hardwareGoogle seems to have its hands in everything these days, and now the search engine giant is taking on the world of computing.   Recent reports indicate a looming partnership with engineers and researchers at the University of California in Santa Barbara to develop a technology called “quantum computing.”

Quantum computing is still in its infancy stages. But if successful, instantaneous computer upgrades around the world may be an immediate after-effect. Quantum computing is all very theoretical and highly technical, but the basis of this concept is to make use of the quantum bits of digital information, or qubits, rather than the current binary system of ones and zeros.


The theory is that the quibits will have the ability to act and react just like ones and zeros…or both at the same time. If successful, quantum computing will essentially take off at warp speed and be more powerful than anything that we can possibly imagine. This new invention would affect every area of industry, from computer repair to website design.

The world’s fasted computer to date is China’s Tianhe-2 supercomputer which can perform some 55 quadrillion calculations in a single second. A Google-developed quantum computer may make the Tianhe-2 all but obsolete.

The partners of Google and the University of California have now formed a “quantum artificial intelligence team” whose primary focus is to develop and maximize the potential of this new theoretical technology. Google has already had a certain level of success through partnering with D-Wave Systems on a similar quantum project.google-marketing

The “Vesuvius” is a D-Wave quantum computer system that many industry insiders are calling the first commercially viable quantum computer. In fact, D-Wave is already working with NASA engineers to develop a 1,000 qubit processor labeled the “Washington”.

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