Does your computer have a virus? If it does, then it is best to get rid of it as soon as possible.  Computer viruses are not safe for your computer and are serious. Here are the basic steps to scan for virus and to remove them. Though these steps are helpful, you may still want to seek support from a tech support expert.

Antivirus software

It is best to have an antivirus program on your computer. Having said that, it is best to have one antivirus program running on your computer; if you have several antivirus programs they may view each other as viruses and cancel each other out, thus making the programs ineffective.

Running a system scan

As soon as the antivirus program is running it’s best to begin a system scan. If you’re not sure how to start the scan it is best to read the information about the antivirus program, which is most likely located on the website of the program. Different antivirus programs contain varying types of scans. For instance, some may only have a quick scan and a thorough scan, while some may have the previous scans mentioned as well as document scans and disk scans.  The best scan for you to use is the full system scan or thorough scan.  The full system scan may take an hour or several hours depending on how much data is on your computer. When the computer scan is finished you will either see that your computer contains viruses or is virus free. If the scan claims that your computer is virus free yet you’re still experiencing problems you may want to try different troubleshooting methods or contact a computer support specialist.

Removing the threats

If you see that there are threats reported by the antivirus, follow the steps to remove them or contact the antivirus support team.


Most anti-malware programs equipped with the antivirus programs; if the antivirus program doesn’t have one it is best to install one.

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