apps1According to Los Angeles computer repair specialists, ‘Apps’ is the new buzz word in the tech industry. There are perennially new amazing apps coming out. We have gathered a list of 8 interesting new apps that everyone should consider using in the New Year.

He are a list of 8 great new apps everyone should consider using in 2016.

Google Photo:

Google Photo is a great new app for storing and dealing with the photos on your iPhone. It has many advantages over the iCloud, like unlimited storage space and additional options for storing high resolution photos. There is an amazing image recognition feature which allows you to search for specific categories like animals, landscapes etc. You can even share your photos with others and create GIFs too.


Foursquare is a great app that allows you to find places to eat or drink no matter where you are. It utilizes your current location and delivers suggestions about where to eat or drink. It takes Yelp to the next level.


VISCO is a step up from Instagram. It offers an array of film and photo filters that can give your images that desired look you are searching for. The app offers more editing options than Instagram, and the individual filters are each individualized for amazing results.


Spark is an amazing email app that allows the user to postpone reading messages and even hit the snooze button on emails. If you’re looking for a more effective email app, give Spark a try.


A bookmark app may not sound that thrilling, but wait until you check out this new Pocket app. The app lets you store web pages and read them later in a simple reading platform.


Snapchat is the hottest app on the market right now. If you haven’t heard of it yet, you must live under a rock. It is a favorite among millennials and older generations are starting to catch on too.


Shyp is an amazing new app that allows you to mail stuff from the convenience of your home. All you do is take a picture of whatever you want to ship, and someone shows up to your door, and hand-delivers it to the nearest shipping location. It’s that easy.


Citymapper allows you to navigate unfamiliar big cities with the greatest of ease. The app outlines the city’s major mass transit options and offers suggestions on how to get from point A to point B.