Technology has been making some magnificent strides forward in recent years, and 2015 will likely be another impressive period of innovation as well. We have been hearing about many of these products for some time now, but this may be the year where we can actually begin to incorporate this new high-tech gadgetry into our daily lives.

  1. Pay-by-phone

The Google Wallet app is being seen in television commercials everywhere, and Apple is very close to launching its own version of mobile phone payments as well. With the invention of the Apple Pay app, Android will be offering their own version very soon, called the Zapp app. Instead of debit and credit cards, we will now be able to purchase nearly anything imaginable by using our trusty, handheld smartphones.

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  1. 3-D Printers

While this technology has been around for over a decade, it was usually so expensive that only NASA and the scientific community could afford to use it. 3-D printing is now being taught in nearly every reputable university and college in the United States. As these students begin to graduate, the consumer demand for 3-D printing technology at an affordable cost is only expected to escalate.

3D Printing

  1. Smartwatches

The appealing nature of convenient mobile technology that we can wear on our wrist may actually hit the mainstream in 2015. The Apple Watch will likely be the first entry into the race for world domination with the Android version following closely in the later part of the year. Look for the technology to advance even farther as smartwatch manufacturers begin to offer stand-alone designs that will work completely independently from the smartphones themselves, complete with their own SIM cards and phone number.

Smart Watches

  1. Smartcars

With our smartphones now connected into our home security systems, look for this technology to advance into our automobiles as well. Apps will now be integrated into our car dashboards, and future advancements might include cars built with their own mobile hotspots as well.


  1. Virtual Reality

With names like Rift and Morpheus, virtual technology has been a fantastic dream that may now become a true reality in 2015. The idea of virtual reality has been around since the early days of science fiction, and gamers are pushing designers to offer this highly advanced technology to the public at an affordable cost. The initial products will likely be bulkier headsets, but smaller devices are probably just around the corner.

Virtual Reality

  1. The Smart Home

Home security systems will not be the only contraptions connected to our smartphones. In 2015, we might begin to see a rush towards connecting our utilities and appliances to them as well. A smart home would monitor the efficiency of our power usage, perhaps selectively turning on and off certain kitchen appliances to reduce utility bills. Bosch is already showing some significant advancements in this type of technology for everything from refrigerators to dishwashers and coffee makers.   Eventually, our mobile phone may be interconnected with nearly every facet of our lives, including our utility meters, home appliances, cars, and bank accounts.

The Smart Home