Is your Laptop running slower than usual? Sadly it is something that happens.computercitylaptop1

Thankfully the tech experts at Computer City Repair have compiled a list of 5 ways you could get your laptop to run like new.

  1. Remove Duplicates and File Clutter:

As your laptop gets older it will slowly become cluttered by files that will slow the hard drive down. Windows will then need to use more resources to run programs and perform required tasks properly.

To remove duplicate files and clutter you could run Windows Disk Cleanup. It will scan your laptop’s hard drive for duplicate and unused files. You will then have the option clean out the recycle bin and remove other unnecessary files.

  1. Remove Programs You No Longer Use or Need

Another way to get your laptop to run faster is to get rid of programs that you don’t use.  You simply run Uninstall Programs and a list of installed programs will come up. You select programs that you don’t use or need and uninstall them.

  1. Defragment

As you use your computer your operating system continuously saves data on your hard drive. Sometimes these bits and pieces of data get fragmented along your hard drive, and make it harder for programs and tasks to run optimally.  To defragment your hard drive you run Disk Defragmenter, the program will then scan your system and rearrange/compact data.

Warning: Do not run Disk Defragmenter if your laptop is using a Solid State Drive as it may damage it.

  1. Stop Startup Programs

One way to speed your computer up is to stop some programs from running when Windows starts up. In Windows you type msconfig into Start and you will be able to choose the programs you don’t want to run during startup.

  1. Organize your Desktoplaptoprepair

The easiest way to make your laptop faster is to organize your Desktop. Sometimes users believe that their laptops are running slower because it takes them longer to access files and programs.

Make sure to remove program shortcuts that you don’t use. You can also move important files into folders so you will have less clutter.