1. Disable Unnecessary Startup Programs
    1. Click on START–> All Programs–> Accessories–> Run–> Type in MSCONFIG click on STARTUP tab–> uncheck any unneeded program–>  then restart your computer. This will help your computer to startup faster.
  2. Install CCleaner: cleans internet temporary files and cookies. This helps your web browser to run

    1. Visit www.download.com and install CCleaner
    2. After installing CCleaner, you are given two
      options. First, click on RUN CLEANER, this takes about few minutes to gather
      all the temporary files and cookies. Then click on ANALYZE. This removes the
      gathered temporary files and cookies.
  3. Install Antivirus: make sure your computer is
    secured with some type of Antivirus Program.

    1. If you do not want to purchase Antivirus programs.
      Avira, AVG or Eset
      can be obtained from www.download.com for FREE.
  4. Install Malwarebytes:
    malwares are malicious software which includes computer viruses, warms, trojan
    horses, spyware and other unwanted software or programs.

    1. Malwarebytes can also be obtained from www.download.com
  5. Install Superantispyware:
    1. Superantispyware eliminates any unwanted spywares,

      cleans up your memory and system registry.
      This program can also be found on www.download.com


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