Being a laptop isn’t easy.

Their portability allows them to go anywhere: thrown into backpacks and strewn across beds, constantly moved from offices to cafes to kitchen tables.

It’s understandable that through all this activity and usage, laptops can begin to lose their edge. Whether it be overheating or slowing hard drives, our portable hardware companions can undergo damage and begin underperforming.

We’ve identified four of the most common laptop issues and ways you can fix it.

1. Overheating

If you’re experiencing computer crashes or freezes, it may be a symptom of your computer overheating.

Solution: Clean our air vents and installing a filter over the inhalation vent.

Due to their lack of ventilation, laptops are particularly susceptible to overheating. Cleaning out the air vents allows proper airflow to the hardware that keeps your laptop operating smoothly. Adding a filter of inhalation vents protects your computer’s innards from being damaged by the dust and dirt particles that can enter through the vent.laptop repair los angeles

2. Slow Hard Drive

Excessive load times and slow file transfers are often signs of a slowing hard drive.

Solution: disk fragmentation

Disorganized information forces your laptop to sift through fragmented data, slowing the process dramatically and forcing you to wait longer for tasks to be completed. There are many tools available for your to clean your laptop’s hard drive and organize your files. Doing a thorough cleanse and deleting old files can quickly improve the speed of your computer.

3. Battery Won’t Hold a Charge

Does your laptop only hold its charge for a few minutes if unplugged? That’s a faulty battery.

Solution: Battery replacement

Over time, lithium-ion batteries slowly lose their ability to hold a charge. After a few years, some batteries will can almost completely lose their ability to function properly. Replacing the battery is a simple process, as many just pop out after removing the bottom shield of the laptop. While the cost of the battery can be pricey, the benefit of a laptop that can operate without an outlet nearby normally outweighs the cost.

4. Virus or Spyware Infestationlaptop repair los angeles

If your laptop is riddled with excessive pop ups and painfully slow download speeds, you may have virus or spyware infestation.

Solution: Install anti-spyware programs, use free virus scans

Malware can wreak havoc on your laptop, causing issues that make your laptop almost completely useless. Services like Norton offer effective antivirus and spyware protection as well as file backups and performance optimization.

Free tools like Ad-Aware and Spybot: Search and Destroy can also combat the onslaught of spam pop ups.