1. Snapguide

This app has everything from recipes to DIY steps for furniture projects to arts and crafts projects. The wonderful thing about SnapGuide is that it is content taken from its users. So if you want to get advice or give advice on gardening, lifehacks, or automotive tips SnapGuide allows you to do so.

  1. BillGuard

This app takes crowd-sourced data as well as algorithms to decipher suspicious financial activity from actual financial activity. The user simply inputs their bank accounts and credit cards into the app; whenever weird activity is spotted the user is immediately notified.

  1. Audible

This app is available on Android and iOS operating systems. This app allows audiobooks to be read to you chapter by chapter and allows for the reading speed to be changed.

  1. Uber

This carpooling and car booking app is the new popular way of transportation in cities across the nation. Uber offers rideshares, cab, and premium services.

  1. Google Maps

This app has all mapping features from turn navigation to traffic warnings. If you want a reliable and accurate map system download Google Maps.

  1. 1Password

This app allows you to store all of your passwords and synchronizes them into 1 password. You can either use your fingerprint ID or a traditional password.

  1. SwiftKey

This app learns all of your texting habits, autocorrects your mistakes and guesses your next word (which show up in the text box underneath your writing).

  1. Slice

This app tracks all of your online purchases and updates you on the location history of your packages. You can now separate receipts from tracking numbers and shipping location history.


  1. Whatsapp

This app is a texting app that allows you to send text messages to people all over the world. You can send videos, photos, voice messages to your Whatsapp contacts.

  1. Google Translate

This app allows you to texts in other languages; it can dictate in another language and offers hands free oral translations.

  1. Evernote

Evernote is great for jotting down notes and pictures. In addition to that, you can also share between multiple devices.


  1. Flipboard

This app contains plenty of materials for you to read. It contains blogs, the latest social media news, and lots more. On top of all the aforementioned it is a bit like a social media platform itself because it allows you to follow people and read, like and share the articles that they post in their magazines.

  1. TED Talk

The TED app allows you to download, view or share from a database of thousands of videos. Usually TED Talk videos include philosophical, artistic, and philanthropic videos, but there are plenty more topics to choose from.


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