Are you having trouble shopping for people on your Christmas List who simply love the latest trends in high-tech gadgetry? You are not alone. We can often become confused as to which products are “cool and hip” and which ones are actually just knock-offs of the real thing. Here is a short list of the Top 10 Stocking Stuffers for the true tech-enthusiast.

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The Smart Ring

This might look like just a simple cocktail ring, but wearers of this piece of fine jewelry are secretly being connected to their smartphones without anyone being the wiser. She’ll be receiving email updates, phone call notifications, and other important information via a smart ring with discrete vibrations and multi-colored lighting. Cost is around $195.

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 9.24.20 AMThe 3D Printing Pen

This is the world’s first thermoplastic ejecting pen, allowing the user to draw a creative 3D model that takes form within seconds. Think of this innovative device as a cross between an ink pen and a glue gun. Your friends and family will be truly amazed for a price that is only about $100.


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Felix HoldTight for iPhone 6

With all of the many wonderful exercise tracking apps now available, techies are taking their smartphones everywhere, even when jogging. This decorative bands fits securely on the iPhone 6, providing a place to store cash, credit cards, and ID’s without adding bulk. Many different designs are available for between $30 and $35.

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Toymail WIFI Mailman-Fairfax the Fox

For the children in your life, this cute animal-faced inbox can be used to send and receive long-distance messages back-and forth by using a simple mobile app download. With many different styles to choose from, each makes a funny sound when new mail arrives in the inbox. The Fox retails for around $60.

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Jensen DJ Scratch Mixer

For the teenager in your life who loves to make their own music, this portable turntable is the perfect miniature solution. It works with an iPod or MP3 player, allowing the user to scratch and mix new tunes with user-friendly simplicity. And it only costs around $30.

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Kids Edition of the Fire HD

Kids are notoriously hard on their toys and gadgets, but this latest Fire HD is specifically designed to be child-proof. Even if your youngsters accidentally break it or drop it in the swimming pool, this option is completely replaceable at no extra cost for up to two full years. A 6” model costs around $149.

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Leather Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

This hip and trendy portable speaker is clad in colorful leather, making it the perfect fashion accessory for the music lover on the go. Retailing for about $179, it works with any Bluetooth device.

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GoPro Hero Miniature Camera

With the ability to capture up to 5 frames per second, this tiny camera is designed to withstand water, mud, and snow. It is probably able to withstand the demands of troublesome toddlers, too, while costing less than $130.

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The InstaWatch

Choose the individual colors of the top and bottom bands, the arms of the watch itself, and even the buckle and carry case. Then upload your favorite digital images to the background. This is the watch that can be changed at will for only $44.

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PowerUp 2.0 Paper Airplane

Attach the nose of any hand-made paper airplane to the PowerUp 2.0 kit and see your creation fly hundreds of feet. It’s a great learning tool for science classes, too, at only a mere $17.